September 11 – 17 | Frio County Covid-19 Numbers

In light of recent declines in Region P Covid inpatient and ICU hospitalizations, this will be the last weekly Frio Covid update for the time being, barring a significant reversal of these numbers. We will continue to update the Frio Covid dashboard on a regular basis, without the writeup.


Texas Department of State Health Services reported:

67 New Covid Cases in Frio County
(83 New Covid Cases were reported the week prior)

Active cases increased by: 15
Recovered cases increased by: 49
Fatalities increased by: 3

Immigration and Customs Enforcement reported:

15 New GEO Pearsall Detainee Covid Cases
21 New CoreCivic Dilley Detainee Covid Cases
15 New La Quinta Pearsall Detainee Covid Cases

Frio County Vaccination Rate:

Frio County’s Fully Vaccinated Rate (age 12+) increased 1.85% for the week. The prior week’s increase was 1.52%. Vaccinated with at least one dose (12+), a better indicator of recent vaccine activity, increased 1.58%. The prior week’s increase was 1.34%.

The Early Success of the Frio County $100 Vaccine Incentive Program:

The details of Frio County’s $100 Vaccine Incentive Program were first publicly posted on the evening of September 14th, which means we wouldn’t start seeing the effects until September 15th.

From 9/9-9/15, only 59 Frio residents were reported to the State as receiving their first dose, an average of 8 residents per day.

From 9/16-9/17, however, 245 residents were reported to the State as receiving their first dose, an average of 122 residents per day.

Frio County would have seen a steep decline in vaccination rate without the $100 incentive. Though the rollout of the program was bumpy, these numbers should be seen as evidence that the incentive does have a significant effect on the vaccination rate. If it is the desire of the County Judge to continue to see more Frio residents vaccinated, the Judge’s Office should do more to simplify the incentive registration process, extend the deadline, as well as create partnerships for vaccine drives.

COVID Hospitalizations out of Total Region P Hospital Capacity:

Frio is one of 22 counties in Trauma Service Area Region P, which serves a population of 2.9 million people.

“COVID Hospitalizations out of Total Region P Hospital Capacity” decreased by 1.43%. On September 17, Region P dipped below 15% threshold for the first time in 45 days. The 15% threshold line shows the point that formerly triggered the limiting the capacity of certain businesses and bars after seven days.

ICU Bed Usage in Region P vs Entire State of Texas:

For full responsive graphs detailing Texas hospital resource data, visit:

written by Jose Asuncion, Frio County Commissioner, Pct. 4

Upcoming Vaccine Drives:

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