Frio County $100 Vaccine Incentive Program Launches

Beginning September 14 thru October 30, Frio County Residents not vaccinated for COVID-19 will be eligible for up to a one-time $100 incentive for getting a required dose of COVID-19 Vaccine.

To be eligible:
・Participants must be at least 12 years of age
・Participants under the age of 18 will require written permission from a parent and/or guardian before incentive will be disbursed
・Must be a Frio County resident
Must become “fully vaccinated” by a provider of your choice between September 14 and October 30 Clarification from the County Judge sent 9/15/21 3:44pm. The County Judge’s Office has interpreted the Official Guidelines as “only if vaccine series is started and completed during the applicable timeline.” County Judge Press Release and Official Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid?

・Before your final vaccine appointment (September 14-October 30), pick up a registration form from the County Judge’s Office. (A download will be linked here as soon as the PDF becomes available). The registration form requires a signature from the provider.
・Before November 12 30th and after you are fully vaccinated, return with (1) the registration form, (2) proof of vaccination, and (3) photo ID or proof of Frio residency.
・The County Judge’s office will then schedule your payment.

I am a Frio County resident who will receive my first dose of Moderna or Pfizer on September 25. When can I get paid?

Based on your first dose appointment, you will receive your second dose on or around October 25. After your second dose, bring the registration form signed by the provider, proof of full vaccination, and a Picture ID (or proof of Frio residency) to the Frio County Judge’s Office.
The Judge’s Office will walk you through the rest of the process.

I am a Frio County resident who will receive a Johnson & Johnson vaccine on September 25. How do I get paid?

Johnson & Johnson vaccine recipients will not have a second dose appointment. However, we ask any Johnson & Johnson vaccine recipients to wait until October 1st to apply for the incentive at the Judge’s Office. October 1st is when the incentive funds become available in the county budget.

Please consult with your provider or medical professional about which vaccine is best for you.

I am a Frio County resident who will receive my first dose of Moderna or Pfizer on October 2. How do I get paid?

Based on your first dose date, you will receive your second dose on or around November 2. Currently, that is outside the timeframe in the approved incentive guidelines.

It is possible that the approved window of time for full vaccination will be extended, but in the meantime, schedule those Moderna and Pfizer appointments for the last two weeks of September.

I am not a Frio County resident. Can I get the incentive if I receive the vaccine in Frio County?

The guidelines state that the incentive is for Frio County residents and require proof of residency.

Who is paying for all of this?

The funds for the incentive program are coming from the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds of the American Rescue Plan Act via the US Department of Treasury. They are federal dollars designated for coronavirus response. The funds are not coming from local property or sales taxpayer dollars.

I live in Dilley. Do I really have to drive to Pearsall to pick up a registration form for the provider’s signature when I’m getting vaccinated in Dilley?

Currently, that is the only option listed in the guidelines, but the Frio County Judge’s Office might be able to make arrangements for you. Hopefully, the Judge’s Office makes the registration form available for download.

I have a question that wasn’t listed here. Who can I talk to?

Direct questions to the Frio County Judge’s Office:
(830) 334-2154

Upcoming Vaccine Drives

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