District Attorney
Audrey Gossett Louis
Visits Dilley City Council Meeting – March 14, 2017

Fresh on the heels of a victory in an election in which she defeated a twelve year incumbent, District Attorney Audrey Gossett-Louis of the 81st Judicial District addressed and attended Dilley’s March 14, 2017 city council meeting, where she outlined the duties and goals of her office.

District Attorney Audrey Gossett Louis addresses residents of Dilley at their city council meeting.
District Attorney Audrey Gossett Louis addresses residents of Dilley at their city council meeting.

District Attorney Audrey Gossett-Louis stood in front of the residents of Dilley, TX- a crowd that included city contractors, a city council challenger and two challengers for the mayoral office.

“I am your new District Attorney,” she said. “I am here for the community of Dilley. We cover five counties.  We handle all of the felonies for five counties: Frio, LaSalle, Atascosa, Wilson, and Karnes. We handle all felony crimes in our district and crimes that are committed by public officials. Continue reading “District Attorney
Audrey Gossett Louis
Visits Dilley City Council Meeting – March 14, 2017″

Frio Sheriff’s Office Weekend Bust yields 3 arrests, drugs, cash, weapons


On the night of March 3rd, the Frio County Sheriff’s Office led a multi-agency drug bust, assisted by the United States Border Patrol and the Pearsall Police Department.

Frio County Sheriff's Deputy leads a suspect away in handcuffs.
Frio County Sheriff’s Deputy leads a suspect away in handcuffs.

As the task force approached the house located on a dark county road outside Dilley, the team of officers watched in disbelief as two vehicles pulled up to the driveway. The residence, long suspected of drug activity, just received a few unlucky customers. Continue reading “Frio Sheriff’s Office Weekend Bust yields 3 arrests, drugs, cash, weapons”

Dilley Hires New Police Chief

Dilley Police Department
Dilley Police Department, December 2016

Sergeant Jerry Reyna from the Frio County Sheriff’s Department will take over the Dilley police department in less than two weeks.

The city of Dilley interviewed four police chief applicants on the evening of December 20th, 2016 and unanimously voted to hire Sergeant Jerry Reyna of the Frio County Sheriff’s Department. Reyna will replace Sheriff-elect Albert DeLeon who takes office at the county at midnight January 1st, 2017. Continue reading “Dilley Hires New Police Chief”

81st District Attorney Interviews – 2016


This family has agreed to disagree in the race for 81st District Attorney.
This family has agreed to disagree in the race for 81st District Attorney.


In an effort to fill a gap in local reporting of the 81st District Attorney election, I sat down for conversations with both candidates. This race takes on a personal dimension: Audrey Gossett-Louis, the challenger, worked as an Assistant District Attorney for the incumbent René Peña. On the day she announced her candidacy, she was fired. I had the opportunity to speak to both candidates about that.

Both are established attorneys, so it was not my goal to debate, but to provoke enough discussion to color their approaches and platforms. Continue reading “81st District Attorney Interviews – 2016”

Derby’s Water Problem

“If you left your dog without water, you would get reported for animal cruelty.” Sylvia San Miguel, Derby resident.

Frio County people and South Texas friends, can we find a way to help our Derby family out?

They’ve had intermittent water for a week with no end in sight-  a years long recurring problem. The residents have reached out for help only to be ignored or avoided. Anyone have any contacts at the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality, the Texas Water Development Board, or someone with ideas on how to motivate Dario Guerra, owner of Derby Ing Utility?

A source close to utility reported that the Utility has no plans to provide water to Derby on weekends, and has been sporadically filling the tank that does not last the residents a full day. The source of the temporary water? A well in the city of Dilley. It is unclear if the city council knows about this, but the rate payers have definitely not been informed.

-written by José Asunción


Dilley Project Updates – September 7

The pool, the convention center, Family Dollar and the power of a question. The City of Dilley sees progress.

Dilley Pool, repaired
Dilley Pool, repaired

Before the end of summer 2015, Dilley’s pool was closed due to a leak. The City of Dilley raised the issue of repair in March 2016, leaving them a few months to fix the pool by the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

Memorial day passed, as did May and June. The pool remained empty and dry. As Dilley approached the hottest days of summer, the city manager could only say that she was waiting for an updated quote from the pool company and that the quote would have to be approved by city council. City council meetings passed without any pool repair items on the agenda. Nearly a year had elapsed since the initial damage.

At a July 14th meeting, the City of Dilley heard a challenge about their financial management and answered with declaration of “tremendous revenue.”  Anyone who heard the story had the same thought… where is it? A reporter (not me) from the Frio-Nueces Current asked the city directly, why has the pool been broken for a year? Continue reading “Dilley Project Updates – September 7”

Dilley City Council At Work – August 29

Dilley proposes a tax rate for Fiscal Year 2016-2017

Dilley City Hall, 2016
Dilley City Hall, 2016

Dilley city council held a special meeting on August 29th, proposing to keep the tax rate at its current rate of $0.802301 per $100.

Finance Administrator/Interim City Manager Irma Rodriguez opened the discussion by proposing a 3 cent raise from last year’s rate to match the current rollback tax rate of $0.838560. The rollback rate is calculated using a year to year comparison of Maintenance and Operation (M&O) taxes, effective tax rates, and debt. The effective tax rate is calculated by a comparison of year to year appraisal rolls.

Rodriguez made her reasoning clear. “I would recommend the $0.838560, especially if we’re going to consider going with the certificates of obligation,” she said, referring to a loan of up to 3 million dollars the City of Dilley will be voting on in the coming weeks. Continue reading “Dilley City Council At Work – August 29”

Can Dilley Raise
Property Taxes on Monday?

Or more importantly, will they?

Dilley City Hall, 2016
Dilley, Texas City Hall, 2016



Unless you checked Dilley City Hall’s front door after close of business on Friday (or refreshed their website), it was easy to miss the next scheduled city council meeting notice for Monday August 29th at 6pm- especially since city meetings are typically held on Tuesdays. The City of Dilley will be closed for 63 of the 72 hours until that meeting, which doesn’t leave much time to ask questions about specific items, such as:

7. Discuss/consider & act on the proposed tax rate Continue reading “Can Dilley Raise
Property Taxes on Monday?”