Dilley City Council At Work – August 29

Dilley proposes a tax rate for Fiscal Year 2016-2017

Dilley City Hall, 2016
Dilley City Hall, 2016

Dilley city council held a special meeting on August 29th, proposing to keep the tax rate at its current rate of $0.802301 per $100.

Finance Administrator/Interim City Manager Irma Rodriguez opened the discussion by proposing a 3 cent raise from last year’s rate to match the current rollback tax rate of $0.838560. The rollback rate is calculated using a year to year comparison of Maintenance and Operation (M&O) taxes, effective tax rates, and debt. The effective tax rate is calculated by a comparison of year to year appraisal rolls.

Rodriguez made her reasoning clear. “I would recommend the $0.838560, especially if we’re going to consider going with the certificates of obligation,” she said, referring to a loan of up to 3 million dollars the City of Dilley will be voting on in the coming weeks. Continue reading “Dilley City Council At Work – August 29”

Can Dilley Raise
Property Taxes on Monday?

Or more importantly, will they?

Dilley City Hall, 2016
Dilley, Texas City Hall, 2016



Unless you checked Dilley City Hall’s front door after close of business on Friday (or refreshed their website), it was easy to miss the next scheduled city council meeting notice for Monday August 29th at 6pm- especially since city meetings are typically held on Tuesdays. The City of Dilley will be closed for 63 of the 72 hours until that meeting, which doesn’t leave much time to ask questions about specific items, such as:

7. Discuss/consider & act on the proposed tax rate Continue reading “Can Dilley Raise
Property Taxes on Monday?”