July 24 -30 | Frio County Covid-19 Numbers

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Texas Department of State Health Services reported:

81 New Covid Cases
(29 New Covid Cases were reported the week prior)

Active cases increased by: 28
Recovered cases increased by: 53
The disparity between active and recovered cases indicates a lag in reporting by DSHS. Cases were not added to the State of Texas Covid Dashboard until they were already recovered.
Fatalities Increase: 0

Immigration and Customs Enforcement reported:

24 New GEO Pearsall Detainee Covid Cases
118 New CoreCivic Dilley Detainee Covid Cases
19 New La Quinta Pearsall Detainee Covid Cases

Texas Department of Criminal Justice Reported:

TDCJ’s Briscoe Unit in Dilley, recently emptied for conversion to an immigrant jail, has not shown an increase in “Offender Active” Covid cases yet. However, it is unclear if TDCJ will report the same Covid data since the Briscoe unit will transition from a state prison to immigrant jail: https://www.texastribune.org/2021/07/21/texas-prison-immigrant-jail-briscoe/

Frio County Vaccination Rate:

Frio County’s Fully Vaccinated Rate (age 12+) increased 2.15% for the week. The increase seems absurdly low when displayed on a graph that tops out at 100%, but there was a barely perceptible rise over the past week.

COVID Hospitalizations out of Total Region P Hospital Capacity:

As we explained during the first waves of Covid-19, each data point is only one part of the picture. On any given day, the number of cases may be misleading without taking into account positivity rate, trends over time, reporting delays, and numerous other factors. Ultimately, our goal is to prevent deaths and lingering long term illness.

“Covid hospitalization as a percent of hospital capacity” is another important warning indicator. In our 22 county Trauma Service Area (P), the numbers are concerning:

The 15% threshold line shows the point that formerly triggered the limiting the capacity of certain businesses and bars after seven days. During this wave of the pandemic, however, that order has been rescinded. Given that many of these businesses need to stay open to survive, and we now have the availability of vaccines, the 15% threshold has been lifted by Governor Abbott.

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written by Jose Asuncion, Frio County Commissioner, Pct. 4