Tuesday, May 25th | Free Local Birth Certificates, Pro-Bono Paralegal Services, Free Health Screenings for Non-Insured, Free COVID Vaccines, and more…

The Tuesday May 25th Frio County Program Fair is shaping up to be one of the most comprehensive resource events we’ve seen in a long time.

Much more than tables of flyers and swag, here are some of the headliners:

Aaron Ibarra, Frio County Clerk | Free Birth Certificates
Birth Certificates are a basic required document to receive a State ID and a number of other services. Aaron Ibarra will offer free birth certificates that originate in Frio County.

South Texas Rural Health Services | Free Health Screenings for Non-Insured, Free COVID Vaccines
South Texas Rural Health Services has been on a tear through Frio County lately. As soon as eligibility permitted, STRHS used their mobile clinic to provide vaccines to a majority of the employees at Frio County, Pearsall ISD, Dilley ISD, and the City of Dilley. When the age requirement was lowered, they provided vaccines to the ISD students too.
The mobile clinic will be parked at the 2021 Frio County Program Fair, providing free health screenings for the non-insured and free COVID vaccines. The mobile clinic is equipped to provide much more, so a visit is recommended for any concerns about physical or mental health.

South Texas Rural Health Services Mobile Clinic

Eva Perez, Paralegal, Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid | Pro Bono Paralegal Services
Eva Perez will do intakes for several civil issues. Ms. Perez explains, “Doing an intake is very different from working on a case. My specialty is expunction law, so if an applicant is seeking to get their record expunged or sealed it is very likely I will be able to work on their case directly. However, that doesn’t mean that the residents of Frio county can only apply to get their record clean. Whatever their legal inquiry, I can do an intake for them as long it is a civil matter. We do have financial guidelines to qualify and certain civil matters are not accepted, but every case is reviewed by attorneys on a case to case basis.” Thank you to Judge Susan Ruiz-Belding for finding and inviting this guest.

Delma Pargas, Community Council of South Central Texas | Utility Assistance Application
Community Council of South Central Texas has been assisting eligible Frio County residents with past due utility payments. An application is necessary, and will be available at the program fair.

Christina Guajardo, Care Program | Free Diapers
Call the Care Program on 210-449-4346 on Monday May 24th before 4:30pm to register for free diapers. They will be available for pick up at the Tuesday May 25th Frio County Program Fair.

Corina Martinez, Southwest Family Life Centers
Corina Martinez is an advocate/case manager for victims of domestic violence.

Other Organizations in Attendance:

  • Frio County WIC
  • Frio County Resource Coordinator, Sara Pichardo
  • Frio Regional Hospital
  • Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas
  • Texas Workforce Solutions

Tuesday May 25, 2021 (Download to your Calendar)
Frio County Community Room
400 S. Pecan
Pearsall, TX 78061

Contact Mary Perez at 830-334-0067 for more information…

Organized by the Frio County Events Committee.