Derby’s Water Problem

“If you left your dog without water, you would get reported for animal cruelty.” Sylvia San Miguel, Derby resident.

Frio County people and South Texas friends, can we find a way to help our Derby family out?

They’ve had intermittent water for a week with no end in sight-  a years long recurring problem. The residents have reached out for help only to be ignored or avoided. Anyone have any contacts at the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality, the Texas Water Development Board, or someone with ideas on how to motivate Dario Guerra, owner of Derby Ing Utility?

A source close to utility reported that the Utility has no plans to provide water to Derby on weekends, and has been sporadically filling the tank that does not last the residents a full day. The source of the temporary water? A well in the city of Dilley. It is unclear if the city council knows about this, but the rate payers have definitely not been informed.

-written by José Asunción