August 21-27 | Frio County Covid-19 Numbers

**Regarding the above case count numbers, it should be noted that many home COVID tests, especially the brand available in our area, do not require reporting to the Texas Department of State Health Services. Last year at this time, home COVID tests were not available. Furthermore, rapid COVID tests have also become more available but according to the Houston Chronicle, “Texas, unlike 27 other states, excludes the results of increasingly popular, rapid COVID-19 tests from the numbers it reports publicly — obscuring the scope of the pandemic, records and interviews show. The antigen tests are used in doctor’s offices, hospitals and stand-alone clinics and deliver results in less than 30 minutes.”


Texas Department of State Health Services reported:

35 New Covid Cases in Frio County
(91 New Covid Cases were reported the week prior)

Active cases decreased by: 93
Recovered cases increased by: 128
Fatalities increased by: 0

Immigration and Customs Enforcement reported:

12 New GEO Pearsall Detainee Covid Cases
17 New CoreCivic Dilley Detainee Covid Cases
5 New La Quinta Pearsall Detainee Covid Cases

Frio County Vaccination Rate:

Frio County’s Fully Vaccinated Rate (age 12+) increased 3.1% for the week.
The prior week’s increase was 2.26%.
Vaccinated with at least one dose (12+), a better indicator of recent vaccine activity, increased 3.37%.
The prior week’s increase was 2.44%.
These two numbers graphed together show a recent acceleration of vaccination rates.

COVID Hospitalizations out of Total Region P Hospital Capacity:

Frio is one of 22 counties in Trauma Service Area Region P, which serves a population of 2.9 million people.

“COVID Hospitalizations out of Total Region P Hospital Capacity” decreased by 1.34%. Region P has spent twenty-two days over the 15% threshold. The 15% threshold line shows the point that formerly triggered the limiting the capacity of certain businesses and bars after seven days. During this wave of the pandemic, however, that order has been rescinded.

ICU Bed Usage in Region P:

For full responsive graphs detailing Texas hospital resource data, visit:

written by Jose Asuncion, Frio County Commissioner, Pct. 4